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Finally, that familiar blanket of 'Oranje' falls back onto the city of Amsterdam. It's my favourite Dutch holiday and I always look forward to it. This city-wide party gets a lot of criticism from an array of people, claiming that its degrading to the city, just an excuse to drink excessively, and act like hooligans while causing a mess of the streets...I disagree. Sure, it can get a bit messy and overwhelming with the amount of party-goers but everyone is dancing, smiling and truly enjoying themselves. It's a special experience to see the historic city's canals gridlocked with boats blaring House music while people dance deck-side, the streets packed with solid oranje patrons, and each with a drink in hand.

Two Borders

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I recently finished up a logo design for outdoor clothing company 'Two Borders'. The next step in this project is to finish their identity with stationary design and further explore brand elements. To see more of my logos click here.